ABZ 2018


It is that time again ,  we investigating the

SCENES AND ZINES of past, present . 

The work has begun .


We got some funding , and with that having to rethink the nuts and bolts of the 2018 session, be rest assured that we crafting somethign special for many to come and enjoy the wide world of zine-dom.


Keep you eyes peeled for our Updates 


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Collective mapping of zine folk (a work in progress )  , from our workshop 2017

ABZ 2018


SCENEs and Zines -  Our theme for Abz 2018 —in short “It’s about getting communities and individuls involved and showing the creative process and encouraging the public to participate themselves,”


“It’s creating that accessibility to the arts and reaching out to people who might not normally get involved in these activities. It is our hope a lot of the artists and practitioners in independent press will give a sneak peek at their work or hands-on experience.” Through more than 9 years of collecting and making , We want to make the  collection public in this , practiciting democracy beyond the official sphere of professional politics, and explores self publishing with is too often left out of the mass media world. Making Public aims to trigger new  passions and interests in a time when people need, more than ever, new ways to have their voices heard. As this “new” model where knowledges are produced by and disseminated to the civil society takes its point of departure from Punk ideals of DIY , social commentary and supporting a thriving underground press.